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Viviann Energy Solutions have several years of experience in Solar and have experienced technocrats and consultants to undertake any type of Read more...


Viviann has provided consultancy for many solar customized applications and have implemented several projects some of which are Read more...

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Amazing to see the accomplishments. Viviann has a prestigious background and track record. See the History that starts from 1969 bringing out...Read more...

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Viviann's work have been recognized by the outside world. Here are some of the news items that have been published in daily newspaper.... Read more...

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To know more about the Solar Energy, the Technology and its Application Areas, reading this FAQ can help the viewers... Read more...

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Viviann small wind generator is a high-tech product, which has incorporated several innovative and cutting edge technologies in Read more...

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Viviann wind solar hybrid systems are the most reliable and economical power systems. Viviann offers pre configured wind solar hybrid systems Read more...

Green Energy

Most renewable energy comes either directly or indirectly from the sun. Sunlight, or solar energy, can be used directly for heating and lighting homes Read more...

The Solar Era!

As the economy grows and evolves, according to the times need new business concepts arise due to the economical needs, this cycle keeps changing from time to time. Whenever there is a crisis in the economy, the business which has the direct solution for it, takes off like the jet craft.

For example, In the year 2000 When the problem Y2k issue arised, people panicked and the software companies emerged from there by finding out the solution. After that this industry had flourished like anything.

From 2005 to 2011 telecommunication has been a money making sector, coz, with the competitive and demanding working style people were in a need to communicate to their respective workplaces through Internet, phone calls, video conferencing, google talk, messengers, skype etc., catering to their need 2G and 3G arised. From there all the electronic gadgets like, mobile phones, iPads, iPhones, Macbooks took off. From the year 2012 up to to the next 10 years, it's a Solar Era!

News & Events

  • 6JUL
    Look at solar energy and utilise various incentives, SME entrepreneurs told
    The HINDU, Tiruchy, July 6, 2013
    Belonging to a place known as the country’s energy hub owing to the capability it has to manufacture thermal power generation equipment catering to 75 per cent of electricity requirements in the country, industrialists in Tiruchi are preparing themselves to generate renewable energy as well.
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  • 19AUG
    India can convert a crisis into an opportunity
    The Economic Times, Aug 19, 2013, By Akhil Gupta
    India can convert a crisis into an opportunity. Our current account deficit has swollen, but we can find structural solutions to reduce the gap. I have two initiatives to suggest.
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